Total Skin Rejuvination at Urban Tan

Prosun 32/1 Red Light Therapy Bed.

The Science of Red Light Therapy. This technology is based on the benefits of exposing the skin to the Sun's renewing Red Rays. Red Light Rays are the highest of the Visible Light Rays.

How Red Light Therapy Works. Red Light Therapy accelerates skin healing, by penetrating to the bottom of the skin’s dermis layer and into the subcutaneous fatty layer and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin proteins. It increases the skin’s metabolism of healthy oxygen and nutritional molecules. This gentle, yet extremely effective treatment is very beneficial as an anti-aging and skin rejuvenation tool and aids in fading sunspots and hyper pigmentation by stimulating the skin cells vitality and permeability. Red light therapy is a non-invasive, nonsurgical face lift alternative, helping the skin maintaining elasticity and firmness, while refining its texture and smoothing lines and wrinkles.

Total Skin Rejuvination. Advanced daily skin serum and red light rejuvenation therapy are an important component of a comprehensive skin health and improvement regime that should also include:
• Healthy balanced food nutrition and supporting vitamin supplements.
• Thorough, gentle skin cleansing.
• Moderate, regular exercise.
• Restful, revitalizing sleep.

The Benefits of Red Light Therapy:
• Stimulation and regeneration of collagen and elastin skin proteins.
• Firms, tones and increases skin’s elasticity.
• Minimizes wrinkles, fine lines, deep furrows and crow’s feet.
• Improves skin tone and restores skin’s clarity.
• Activates and stimulates skin cell metabolic functions.
• Improves acne prone skin.
• Reduces skin degredation.
• Helps irregular pigmentation.
• Increases circulation.
• Reduces brown age spots.
• Reduces pore size and skin coarseness.
• Activates and stimulates skin cell metabolic functions.

Steps to Renewed Skin.
• BEFORE RED LIGHT TREATMENT: Was skin well to remove all surface oils and irritants. Apply a penetrating,, Peptide rich, clear serum, to enhance collagen and elastin production and maximize the effectiveness of the Red Light Therapy.
• RED LIGHT TREATMENT: Exposure to the treatment rays, controlled and monitored for maximum benefit. Scientific studies demonstrate, therapeutic skin cell growth up to 200% faster when exposed to these Red Light Wavelengths.
• AFTER RED LIGHT TREATMENT: Apply a rich nutritional and moisturizing lotion to maintain the skin’s improvements and extend the Red Light Therapy benefits.

BODY IQ Red Light Therapy. Body IQ Daily Red Light Treatment is for use in between Red Light Sessions. This intelligent lotion has been specially formulated with: PHOTOLINIC COMPOUND: a photo active ingredient with rejuvenating properties assists light in penetrating the skin. REGENETIN: promotes cell turnover to uncover smoother skin. PRO-COLLAGEN COMPLEX: stimulates collagen and protein production while helping reduce wrinkles and improve skin appearance. DERMAGEN: helps increase collagen production and cell turnover to reveal younger-looking skin.

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